Equifax Fees Increase Notice – Effective February 1, 2011.  Click here to download a copy.
Security Monitoring Fee
As part of Equifax’s commitment to protecting their consumer information, they conduct routine reviews of account activity. During a review they identified several attempts by mortgage agents trying to obtain a credit report without the consumer’s consent nor for the purposed permitted by credit reporting laws.Equifax has increased the number of internal and external security audits of its mortgage broker accounts activity.

If contacted, you should ensure that you are able to provide sufficient documentation to demonstrate that all access has been with consumer consent and for a permissible purpose. As a result of the internal and external security  audits, Equifax will now charge a $60.00 +hst (total $67.80) annual security-monitoring fee to all mortgage broker members. Equifax will take appropriate measures to address any deficiencies or risks it identifies as a result of audit reviews.

This could include placing restrictions on accounts that have been subject to abuse or fail to provide sufficient documentation of access upon request.

Cost of Pulling a Credit Bureau

Each bureau pulled costs $3.15 + $0.70 for Beacon score & Safe Scan

To Obtain a US Credit Bureau

Please call head office and ask for your Equifax member number and security code, then call 1-877-227-8800, and give them your Equifax member number and security code.  Please contact Broker Services to get your Equifax member number and security code by using the form below.

Equifax Contact Information

Website:  www.equifax.com
Phone:    1-877-227-8800


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